Rhema Law Group Office PicturesIrvine, CA- May 23, 2016:   Rhema Law Group announces that it has won a trademark opposition proceeding before the Trademark Trials and Appeals Board (“TTAB”) on the mark “Eventure,” which it was opposing registration on behalf of interactiv corporation whom claimed priority in the mark.  The TTAB issued an order today sustaining the firm’s trademark opposition resulting in the cancellation of the Applicant’s pending “Eventure” trademark application.

During the trademark opposition proceeding, the firm aggressively obtained evidence during discovery which showed that Interactiv Corporation had priority of use in the “Eventure” mark and that the Applicant’s attempt to claim an earlier priority use date via the doctrine of “tacking” was not supported by the evidence.   Partner John D. Tran served as lead counsel for the TTAB opposition proceeding (TTAB Proceeding Case: Interactiv Corporation vs. Eventure Interactive, Inc., #91211317.)