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Rhema Law has a robust patent practice which involve matters dealing with patent litigation, patent registration, patent reexamination, patent valuation and licensing.  Our talented team of patent attorneys, consultants, and technical experts have working experience in maneuvering through the hazards and complexities of the Court system and USPTO office.


All of our highly regarded Patent Attorneys hold technical degrees which allow our Patent Attorneys to obtain patent protection in a wide range of disciplines including software, biotech, business methods, internet, medical devices, design patents and simple to complex mechanical devices.  We have in-depth working knowledge of the USPTO patent system and procedures which allows us to navigate successfully the U.S. patent system in an efficient and cost-effective manner. 

To patent an idea, our Patent Attorneys specialize in drafting patent applications and obtaining patent protection in a cost effective yet timely manner and enjoy taking the time to explain complex patent issues and procedures to our clients.

After filing a patent, our Patent Attorneys are experts in negotiating and communicating with the USPTO to ensure that the application receives efficient and proper review throughout the registration process. Whether it is responding to office actions arguing for registration or personally conducting in-person interviews with the patent examiner at the patent office, our Patent Attorneys have the experience and expertise to efficiently maneuver a Patent Application through the Patent Trademark Office and toward Patent Registration.  Our Patent Attorneys draft patent applications with an eye toward patent infringement which improves the enforceability of our patent applications in court.


Patent reexaminations are a key tool in the modern patent landscape because of its impact on enforcement, valuation, licensing and sale of patents.  Increasingly, companies are initiating patent reexamination proceedings as part of a strategy to avoid liability for patent infringement as a successful reexamination challenge can result in an issued patent being invalidated.   The American Invents Act of 2011 ushered in a variety of new ways to challenge or strengthen patents and has made post grant proceedings an important part of any patent strategy.

Our Patent Reexamination Attorneys have expertise in Invalidating Patents Before the USPTO & the Patent Trials & Appeals Board

Our patent reexamination team consists of patent attorneys, patent agents, patent search experts, and technical consultants, who specialize in instituting and navigating successful reexamination proceedings.

We use patent reexaminations strategically and sometimes as an alternative to standard litigation before the district courts.  We have invalidated patent claims in both ex-parte and inter-partes reexamination proceedings by combining meticulous preparation with persuasive prior art claim charts and well organized arguments.


Whether it is enforcing patent rights or defending against claims of patent infringement, our patent litigators combine both their technical acumen and litigation skills to obtain favorable outcomes in and outside the Courtroom.

We prepare all cases with the mindset of trial.  We staff our cases very efficiently  but litigate aggressively to ensure we either obtain favorable settlement terms or success at trial for our clients.  We take pride in being able to litigate and win patent infringement cases at cost-effective budgets.

Our trial lawyers have tried cases in all court levels including State, Federal, and Appellate and have appeared in cases throughout the nation.